by Elizabeth Boyle

September 2007
ISBN: 978-0-06-078403-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Felicity Langley is a woman who knows what she wants and unashamedly pursues it. Case in point, a duke. The future Duke of Hollindrake to be exact. She pens a letter to inform the current Marquess of Standon of her intention to marry him. Thus begins a relationship of sorts. Unknown to Felicity, however, the Marquess is not in London. She is corresponding with the current Duke of Hollindrake, the grandfather of Standon.

Felicity has always known she would marry a duke. She has been preparing for it since she was a child. Now that she has graduated from Miss Emery’s Establishment for the Education of Genteel Ladies, the time has come to set everything in place. It is not easy. She and her sister’s funds are being strictly monitored by her father’s solicitor. Felicity uses her sharp intellect to “borrow” a townhouse on Grosvenor Square. Making ends meet is a constant challenge for her not to mention the continuing management of the The Bachelor Chronicles. Felicity has not forsaken the meticulous record of available bachelors, if not for herself then for her sister and cousin, Pippin.

Thatcher has come back to London after the death of his grandfather to take over the role as the Duke of Hollindrake. To his horror Thatcher returns to find that he is nearly betrothed to a Miss Felicity Langley. His first order of business is to enlighten said woman of his grandfather’s blunder and lay to rest any hopes she may have of landing this duke. It will be an easy task he is sure. But then he doesn’t know Felicity.

He is barely through the Langley’s door when he is waylayed. Obviously they are expecting a footman because he, a military hero and the future Duke of Hollindrake, is suddenly attired in livery and given orders. It is then he learns that trying to stop Felicity is like trying to single-handedly stop wild horses. She amuses and intrigues him. Thatcher continues in the role Miss Langley has created for him.

If it is possible to be jealous of one’s self then Thatcher is guilty. The man she claims to have formed an attachment to is not Thatcher but one created by his grandfather, a man Thatcher is finally beginning to understand. Once Thatcher determines to make Felicity his own he is confronted with the possibility that she may not take kindly to being duped all this time. He is willing to risk her shooting him to find out.

Author Elizabeth Boyle has produced a delightful third installment to The Bachelor Chronicles series. Love Letters from a Duke is charming, romantic fun. Boyle has added a fresh and unpredictable quality to the mistaken identity theme. I had my doubts that the plotline could carry through to the end, but the author accomplished that and much more. Add Love Letters from a Duke to your library today!

Reviewed in October 2007 by Rho.

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