by Susan Grace

ISBN: 1-55316-099-1
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Have you ever been someone you did not want to be? Imagine being a witch and wanting to be anything but a witch. This is no fantasy for Meredith Albright, owner of the Magic Emporium & Costume Shop and the daughter of Simon Rand, the Grand Master of the Domain and the most powerful warlock on earth. However, Merry just wants to have a normal life and fall in love with a mortal man. Not an easy plan when your entire family is full of witches and warlocks and your father is trying to get you married to his idea of a great husband!

When Bryan Aldwyn appears in Merry`s shop and asks for help putting on a magic show for his young patients, Merry thinks she may have found the man for her. Soon however, it becomes clear that Merry`s life is going from strange to stranger. Merry`s stray cat is acting weird, there is something a little off about Bryan, and one of her father`s suitors has decided to make Merry his with or without her cooperation! With the help of her family and friends Merry must find the courage to find out who she really is and confesses to Bryan before she loses everything, including her life.

Susan Grace`s novel The Reluctant Witch is funny, touching, and above all exceptionally romantic. I found Merry to be an endearing character that I could relate to - who hasnít wanted to be someone else sometime in their life? The plot was full of twists and turns that keeps the reader guessing and Bryan has this sweet bumbling professor quality about him that makes him very appealing. I really felt that he cared about Merry, something that is often missing from romance novels today. The book was a little slow in the beginning but if the reader can tough it out, the book is well worth it.

Reviewed in November 2002 by Jen.

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