by Cheyenne McCray

September 2007
ISBN: 0-312-94957-X
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Rhiannon Castle, a D’Anu witch, fears the shadows inside of her. She dare not reveal their existence to her coven sisters for fear of their rejection. They are her only family and she is determined to protect at all cost – even her life. With the arrival of fresh Tuatha D’Danann warriors comes Keir, a rugged warrior intent on keeping Rhiannon and her coven safe from the demon goddess Ceithlenn and her evil plans for the human world.

Between Keir and Rhiannon the spell fire flashes high and hot. He is wary of strangers but he senses this spunky little witch belongs with him. She may be the one woman with the spirit strong enough to tame him. His brethren, his fellow warriors, are the only family he has ever known, trusting his feelings for Rhiannon means trusting her to share his life with him. Are they strong enough to fight their own demons and Ceithlenn, too?

Wicked Magic is the latest addition to Cheyenne McCray’s Magic series. The war between the D’Anu witches and the forces of the Underworld intensifies. It was a sinfully engaging read. One word of warning: you will begrudge every moment you are not reading this book so make sure you have completed whatever you have to do. Keir and Rhiannon are my new favorites in this series.


Reviewed in September 2007 by Cynthia.

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