by Catherine Palmer, Gary Chapman

June 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4143-1166-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Tyndale
Trade Paperback

Kim Finley is overwhelmed. Her ten-year-old son has just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and her husband, Derek, has invited his mother to come down and help Kim out so Kim wonít have to quit work.

When Kimís mother-in-law, Miranda, moves in, Kim thinks at first that itís only for two weeks. But the two weeks stretch on into a month and Kim learns that Miranda plans to stay all summer, at least. But how can Kim handle Miranda that long? Miranda criticizes everything Kim does, and constantly undermines her. Not to mention, Miranda is into idolatry and Kim is a devoted Christian.

Soon Derek finds himself volleying between the two women. But how can he ask his mother to leave? And how can he make Kim happy when she desperately wants her own house back?

Summer Breeze is the second book in the Four Seasons series that Catherine Palmer and Gary Chapman are co-authoring together to teach women about the four seasons that relationships might be in. The series centers around four different couples who are in different seasons in their relationship.

Summer Breeze is well-written, with a strong faith message. I enjoyed the characters, getting to know Kim and Derek better, and revisiting Brenda, Steve and Cody from the previous book. The characters are very well developed and I had to keep reading to see what happens next in the story.

I love this series, and canít wait to read the next book in the series Falling for You Again available in the fall of 2007. There is an excerpt at the end of Summer Breeze. Donít miss the Four Seasons series. You will learn a lot about marriage, and the different stages of marriage relationships. Discussion questions are included.

Reviewed in September 2007 by Laura.