by Deeanne Gist

June 2007
ISBN: 978-0-7642-0225-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Bethany House Publishers
Trade Paperback

Essie Spreckelmeyer has long dreamed of her life-long love. Ever since she was ten years old, she’s held his picture in her head. But the trouble is that Mr. Wonderful has never arrived. Now Essie is thirty years old, the town old maid, and an overgrown tomboy—riding bikes, catching snakes, and sliding down banisters.

Since the Lord has more important things to do than provide her a husband, Essie decides she’ll pick one out herself. So she makes a list of pros and cons for each man in town, closes her eyes, twirls her finger and picks one—then decides to become invaluable to him. Convincing the lucky “husband-to-be” is a bit more of a problem…

Courting Trouble is the first in a new series for Ms. Gist, and true to her writing voice, it is full of fun, quirky characters and a heroine who doesn’t belong in 1894.

Essie is spunky, outrageously bold, and aggressive, making me wonder if she was afraid of anything. No wonder the men in the community shied away from her! I wondered if there was a man in the community able to handle her shenanigans.

Courting Trouble is good for a quick read, a good laugh, and a trip away from reality. The sequel is coming in September 2008, so we have more Essie stories to look forward to. However, as a warning, the book took "edgy" fiction to a whole new level, and it made me extremely uncomfortable, which is my only reason for a lower rating.

Reviewed in October 2007 by Laura.

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