by Liddy Midnight

ISBN: 1-55316-109-2
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Drey is a wonderful healer but has no real talent for magic... or so she thinks. She is content with her country lifestyle and her healing duties in her small village. Imagine her surprise when she calls and traps a wind spirit named Cyrus. She is shocked to discover that she has called him to her and bound him in his human form. As they attempt to discover how to return Cyrus to his natural form, they begin to fall in love.

Cyrus knows that Drey has Power but is unable to help her unleash it. Together, they spend their days searching for Drey`s Power, healing people, and exploring their love for each other. When Cyrus gives Drey a set of silver pipes, she discovers a way to access her Power, but has little control over it. When Kelsh, a mage moves into Drey`s village she approaches him about becoming his apprentice. He agrees but for a price - he will teach her everything he knows but then can ask of her whatever he wants.

Soon, Drey learns enough to send Cyrus back to his natural form. She fears that she will never see him again. When Kelsh asks her to marry him in repayment for her debt, she is horrified but agrees to let him court her for a time. Drey soon discovers that Kelsh is a leech mage and must steal the talent of others to stay alive and remain powerful. When she is attacked by Kelsh, Cyrus in his wind form saves her but it soon becomes apparent that Drey must use her abilities to save herself and defeat Kelsh. With Cyrus`s help, Drey will conquer her enemy and find what she has always wanted - love.

Liddy Midnight`s novel Small Magick is a delightful romp in a world filled with sprits and mages. Set in the dark ages, this novel captures the attention of the reader with its novel plot and magic twists. The characters are well developed although Cyrus appears a bit one dimensional. I found the relationship between Cyrus and Drey developing far too quickly for my tastes. However, the struggle that Drey goes through to find her true self and her powers will touch the reader`s heart. Overall, this is a good book but needs a bit more detail to be a great book.

Reviewed in November 2002 by Jen.

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