by Tori Carrington

June 2007
ISBN: 978-0-7653-1743-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Forge

Sofie Metropolis has been working for her Uncle Spyros as a private investigator for six months, and her self-confidence is building with each new case she has, including the missing pet request. Sofie feels she is past finding the missing pets and hopes to get the big high profile case. Her Uncle is out of town and finally she gets one. The wife of a superstar baseball player with the New York Mets would like her husband followed. Something is not right and she would like Sofie’s help. Is he cheating on her? There is a race for the pennant so how hard could this be, but she must be discreet. This case is much harder than she expected but she is up for the challenge.

On a personal level Sofie’s grandfather is about to go on trial for assaulting her ex-finance, the cheating scumbag that he is. Will she be able to stop her grandfather from doing time? There is a new man in her life but that is all I am going to tell you. To find out you must read this third book in the series.

And what about Jake Porter? Where is he? Does she still think about him and does he show up without notice? Then there is the rest of her family that seems to call at the wrong time and just do not leave her alone. She still has the office secretary and friend, Rosie who is very supportive of choices or changes that are made by Sofie. And let me not forget the two other people that she needs, George Fowler and Eugene Waters, which are assisting but Sofie would rather not need them. And what has her cousin been up to? Is he still stealing money found in his Dads office? Does Sofie help him at all and if so what would her Uncle say about it?

I love Foul Play and once again Tori Carrington made me laugh out loud. I could not finish this book fast enough to find out if all my question would be answered, which I can say they were. I enjoyed the time I spent reading this book as well as the other in the series. I cannot wait for to see what is going to happen in Sofie life in the next book.

Reviewed in August 2007 by Theresa.

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