by Ann Jacobs

November 2002
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Love Magic is actually a two-fer – Illusions and Commitment - and both start out with a bang! If you like your Ellora’s Cave hot and steamy, you can’t go wrong with this one.

In Illusions, master magician Drake Conover is a been-there, done-that kind of a man. His handsome looks and popularity as a showman draws many women – not that he needs to be popular; his looks and his technique in bed alone will get him women in any case! But fulfilling his sexual fantasies isn’t enough anymore – so in comes Erienne Duval, a CIA agent with a body that won’t quit but whose main mission is to investigate Drake’s involvement in international espionage. Since Drake travels all over the world, and the information leaks just happen to coincide with his numerous stays, he’s the best, and maybe Erienne’s only, suspect.

Illusions is sexy from beginning to end – but as Drake and Erienne discover each other sexually, deeper emotions surface which neither had ever felt before. For half a novel, it’s packed with sex, a little bit of action/adventure, and, of course, love – a ideal romantica all around!

Commitment illustrates a man’s ability to love deeply and to convince the woman of his dreams to return his love ten-fold. Brent, plastic surgeon extraordinaire with a good heart, has been involved in a fantasy relationship with Gaelen. Both had committed five years ago that theirs is to be a sexual relationship only – no sleeping over in each other’s houses, and no talk of love or the future while indulging in fantastic sex. But after five years and neither had grown out of each other, Brent’s pretty sure that Gaelen’s the one for him – but how to convince Gaelen, whose emotional baggage stems from her dysfunctional family, that he can fulfill all her sexual fantasies and more?

Never fear, Brent’s more convincing in actions than words! And pretty soon, Gaelen’s not the only one pulled into Brent’s ultimate fantasy of hearth and home - and female readers will be charmed as well. And oh – the sex isn’t bad either!

Ann Jacob’s stories start out with steam and mellow out with what’s really important – romance. Love Magic is sexy and hot enough to warm you up without a fire or a cozy blanket! And if you’re feeling particularly frisky, just turn to any page to get an idea of how to make the evening (or day!) interesting with a significant other – sorry, no solo fliers here!

Reviewed in November 2002 by Veronica.

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