by Christine Warren

November 2007
ISBN: 0-312-94790-9
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Noah Baker is a soldier, through and through. While he has no trouble accepting that the Others exist, he also knows that they offer some unique advantages in military situations. When his superior officer gives him an assignment to ferret out information on some DNA research, he has no choice but to accept. He knows that it means he will have to lie to the very people who saved his sister, and who would be good to have on his side in battle. But orders are orders, and he must obey Ė even if he thinks it stinks.

Samantha Carstairs is worried. She cannot seem to get her best friend, Annie Cryer, out of the lab and into the light of day. She is a brilliant researcher but her recent project obsession is not healthy. Everyone knows that a werewolf needs to run in the fresh air once in a while. Sam doesnít mind being a blood donor for Annie, but she wishes that her friend would ease up on things. Surely it can wait until tomorrow, canít it?

To make matters worse, her boss and alpha of the Silverback Clan, Graham, has offered Noah Baker the use of some office space for a recruiting project. There is just something about that soldier that sets Samís hackles on full alert, and her hormones into overdrive. Sharing the office is going to be a little too close for Samís comfort, but Noah thinks it is a fine idea. That she-wolf sets his motor running.

Christine Warrenís fourth book in her Others series, Howl at the Moon, is a page turner. Not only will readers be hooked on the budding romance between Sam and Noah, they will be riveted to their seats with page-turning action. Although it is part of a series, readers new to the Others should not be hesitant about starting with this book. There are no hidden-handshakes or other issues that would impair their enjoyment of this book. The only drawback will be in having to locate the rest of the back issues once they are hooked.

Reviewed in October 2007 by Paula.

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