by Barbara Clark

November 2002
ISBN: 1-58697-980-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Amber Quill Press
Trade Paperback

This is book #2 in the Sons Of The Earth adn Wind series, and though it’s the story of characters already mentioned in book one, it is the back story to their love. Ms. Clark pens a story of mystery, danger, paranormal events, and a passionate love that heats up the pages.

Heather Carter is a school teacher with secrets and special abilities no one else knows about. She also has haunting memories that shadow her life. Pregnant with their first child, Heather has talked reluctant, policeman - husband Matthew into going shopping. At the mall, Matthew is shot down, murdered, right in front of Heather. She is able to identify the killer who is then sent to prison. Consequently, Heather loses her baby girl. Her loss and the events that happened after were enough to force her into a new life away from it all --- anything to deal with the painful past.

Quinn Archer, ex-AFT, meets Heather in the most unusual of circumstances – or so he thinks at the time. A city-gang hits the grade school where Heather works and where his daughter Brianna is. Amidst gunshots and chaos, Quinn shields Heather and Brianna from the danger. Afterwards, he finds himself abruptly intrigued with the ‘fragile’ woman who’s bravery had saved Brianna’s life. Still, he senses Heather is a woman with mystery and secrets --- and that’s the very type of woman he wants to avoid at all costs. Bitter with memories of his ex-wife, Quinn doesn’t want another relationship where trust is the most important thing --- but is shadowed by secrets.

Heather’s past has come back to threaten her very life. A series of deadly events start happening to her and she is forced to unwillingly accept Quinn’s help. Revenge, murder, mystery, and the paranormal, all come to the surface as the growing passion between Heather and Quinn slowly heats.

Quinn is more than willing to protect Heather, but they both must face their inner demons and learn to trust in the love that grows between them --- all before they lose everything that’s most precious to them.

Kudos to Ms. Clark for a fantastic fast paced read about two special people who’s destiny is undeniable and passionate. Readers will want to read Book #1 of this series, Tears Of The Hawk (2001 reissue), Book #3 A Touch Of Fire (Dec. 2002), and Book #4 Deserts Of The Heart (Jan. 2003).

Reviewed in November 2002 by Kari.

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