by Nora Roberts

November 2002
ISBN: 0-399-14939-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Putnam

The wonderful saga of the Quinn Family (first introduced in the trilogy Sea Swept, Rising Tides, and Inner Harbor) once more comes to life with Ms. Roberts newest story, and readers finally get to know what happened to Seth. Revisiting the quaint Maryland town of St. Christopher is like seeing old friends once again as all the Quinns are there to welcome home the wandering Seth.

Quinn patriarch Ray adopted Seth and took him out of a horrific life when he was a young teenager. Seth then grew up in the folds of a family that took care of him, loved him, and supported him. Now an acclaimed, world known artist/painter, Seth is returning home to be with those who mean the most to him, and settle down to a quiet peaceful life. His homecoming is filled with the family love that had saved him as a child years before.

The most poignant line in the book, saying everything in just a few words, is when Seth says: “I’m Seth Quinn. And I’m home.” As first look, everything seems the same as it had when he’d left years before. But Seth harbors a persistent feeling that the trouble he left behind in Europe will eventually find him and may even destroy his hopes for an idyllic future with his family.

When Seth meets ‘new-to-St.Chrsitopher’ Drusilla Whitcomb Banks there is instant attraction. Wealthy Dru owns and operates the new florist shop in town. She’s fiercely independent, determined to make a life on her own, away from her wealthy family. She and Seth have more in common than they both first realize. Their pasts have left each with the stumbling block of trusting others. Still, Dru sees a challenge in Seth that she just can’t resist. Their spiraling road to love will be shadowed by a mystery involving blackmail against Seth as old secrets find their way back into his life.

This reader has been a fan of Nora Roberts’ books for many years. She has an exceptional talent in writing dialogue that makes her characters come amazingly alive. The passion and strength of each character comes through clear and strong. Chesapeake Blue is a wonderful, passion-filled story that will touch readers --- make them contentedly satisfied to finally read Seth’s story --- yet inevitably sad that the saga of the wonderful Quinn family is now concluded. No doubt Ms. Roberts has many more great stories to come, introducing us to more family sagas that we love to read.

Reviewed in November 2002 by Kari.

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