by Janelle Denison

September 2007
ISBN: 978-0425210826
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Semper fi, Wilde Man. Joel hears from a long lost Marine buddy and learns a terrible thing. Zackís used his sisterís life insurance policy as gambling collateral. Of course, Zackís lost all the money and needs Joel to protect Lora with out her know about it. Joel agrees to keep Lora under 24/7 watch and protect her until the money can be paid back. He tries really hard to be professional, but canít stop his bodyís desires.

Lara canít help but notice the man who comes into the bar every night and sits at her table. Heís captivating! When she agrees to go out for a drink with him, she didnít realize that the attraction she was feeling would come back to her. Whatís most confusing are the mixed signals sheís getting from Joel. When she comes to realize exactly why Joel is in her life, Lara must convince Zack to get help and Joel that he needs her forever.

Janelle Dennison brings the hot story of a member of the Wilde family in Born to be Wilde. With the last cousin/brother finally realizing that he can be wanted in a family situation and needed by a woman. Joel is a loner in a large family. Heís always stood to the side when confronted by his sister, brothers, and cousins. Heís held himself away from any real relationship. But when heís forced to stay with Lara for longer than normal, Joel learns that he is worthy. Lara has only had her brother for family since she was young. Though she knows and understands Joelís rules of engagement, Lara finds that she loves the man. Sheís got the strength to let him go and hope he comes to realize the truth. Though there is the hint of danger, this book isnít bogged down with a lot of threats and running from troubleÖ itís a true romance with a good, happy ending. With a side romance between Laraís best friend and a math teacher, this story is abounding in love and hot, hot sex!! Ms. Dennison has always been an auto-buy author for me and this is just another reason why.

Reviewed in August 2007 by Vikky.

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