by Angela Knight

September 2007
ISBN: 978-0425217849
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

In Jane’s Warlord Baren Avrid is a Viking-Class Warlord, a genetically enhanced warrior, from the planet Vardon. Baren, and his trusty wolf sidekick Freika, have been sent back in time to Earth to protect reporter Jane Colby from a cold-blooded killer, appropriately named the Jumpkiller and also from the future, but first he has to convince Jane that she is in danger. Jane can’t figure out what this huge, hot man and his talking dog/wolf/whatever are doing in her house and she’s not inclined to listen to either of them…..until they show her a “trid” of the killer in action. Now she listens because she’s terrified! Will Baren and Frieka be able to save her?

Warfem introduces us to the Warlord Baird Avrid and the Warfem Alina. They have a history – some of which Baird knows nothing about – and it’s not looking good for their future, when they meet up again after 20 years, since Alina is suspected of treason. Baird doesn’t believe the charge and he wants to help Alina but she won’t go to him for fear of death to someone she holds very dear. Can she get out of it and still have Baird or will she lose him forever?

The Warlord and the Fem tells the story of Warlord Baird Airell and Kyna, a mercenary Fem who has a very real fear, rational or not, of bonding with Warlords. It’s up to Baird to show her she has nothing to fear, and everything to gain, from bonding with him and man, does he show her!

Baby, You’ve Changed describes Warfem Tamir’s reaction to seeing her ex-lover Gage Deauxville. She dumped him when they were teenagers and now Gabe has a few surprises in store for Tamir.

WOW!!!!! Warlord by Angela Knight is a delicious read from front to back and every which way. This book has it all: suspense, romance, action, steamy sex, a bit of kink and even quirky humor! I’d love to see more books about the Warlords and Warfems! Angela Knight is the ultimate “best of the best”! No one tops her!

Reviewed in September 2007 by PamL.

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