by Amy J. Fetzer

ISBN: 978-0758216571
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Northwest of Jamaica, Dragon One finds a deserted yacht, just moments before dead in the water and now going full speed ahead. Two men in scuba gear slip over the side into the ocean. Logan gets onboard to try and shut it down and in the process, discovers blood all over the deck. After doing some searching, he realizes that this is the honeymoon yacht of a young neighbor of his but neither her bridegroom not herself are anywhere to be found.

Once the CIA’s illegal operation in Venezuela goes south, the acting Deputy Director of the CIA – Special Forces turns to Logan Chambliss and his Dragon One team for assistance in pulling the USA’s butt out of the fire. Logan doesn’t want to accept the job because the man they would have to save – Ramos – is a man from Logan’s past and not a pleasant memory!! After a heart-to-heart with the Director, Logan decides to take the job………..and gets the shock of his life!

Eleven years earlier, Contessa (Tessa) Petruscu was forced on a mission for the CIA, even though she wasn’t an agent – but merely a look-a-like for an experienced agent - is a dead woman. No, really! She “died” during that mission that she was on with Logan, who was a Navy Seal at the time. She’s been in hiding since because she doesn’t want to go back to The Company and she fears she’s expendable. Someone calls in a favor and she finds herself in Venezuela, accepting a package from the man who helped her “die” and on the verge of being caught! She catches sight of Logan’s team and sticks around to try and help them escape their torturous captors!

Logan is a “man’s man” and Tess is the perfect woman for him! I enjoyed their adventures, their one-liners and their “healing” process. I had a bit of a hard time reading this book because it seemed to have too many seemingly unrelated incidents going on and it brought me out of the book when the author switched storylines. However, like a true Amy Fetzer book, Come as You Are has more twists and turns and surprises in store for the lucky reader!

Reviewed in December 2007 by PamL.

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