by Michele Bardsley

October 2007
ISBN: 978-0-451-22223-7
Reviewer Graphic Button New American Library
Trade Paperback

Welcome to Fantasyland, a multi-island resort where you can have your kinkiest desires fulfilled! Each story takes place on a different island!

In Two on One Carrie Tremont has a secret fantasy that only her sister knows about, or so she thinks! What she doesn’t know is that Greg has discovered her secret fantasy and arranged a tenth anniversary trip to the Fantasyland island of Ile de Plaisir for his wife Carrie and himself…...along with a surprise.

In I Only Have Eyes for You Jake is in Voyeur Village on the Island of Fetishes and he rescues Rhiannon, who managed to get herself tied to a tree in her underwear in a most humiliating experience. After telling Jake of the circumstances, she insists she’s leaving the island. How can Jake convince the luscious redhead to stay and give the island, no give him, a chance?

In The Pirate’s Pursuit romance author Lissa McClaskey finds herself on Pirate’s Island to research a new book, with a temporary assistant! Her sister got sick and sent her best friend, Sam, along to assist! Little does Lissa know what pleasures await her on Pirate’s Island….and with whom!

A Bond Like No Other tells the story of wounded and confused Claire, who is on the Isle of Dark Delights with her ex-boss, and secret love, Lucius. Claire doesn’t want to be another one of Lucius’ conquests so she quit her job to get away from him, and hopefully over him. Lucius bribed her to go with the company team for a photo shoot, secretly hoping for one chance at winning Claire. What he gets is so much more, for both of them!

In Seduce Me Glenna finds herself on the Isle of Romance, signed up for a Fantasy Date, all compliments of her mother! All Glenna wants is to find a man who wants her for herself – what she gets is Sean and one hot, wild night. Problem is Sean isn’t who Glenna thinks he is!

Michele Bardsley’s Fantasyland is an anthology that absolutely, positively sizzles! I enjoyed the “look” at Fantasyland and all the characters, but I have to admit that my fave characters were Claire and Lucius! Ms. Bardsley could have a gold mine on her hands because she can re-visit this resort time and time again and I wouldn’t mind at all!

Reviewed in January 2008 by PamL.

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