by Carly Phillips

October 2007
ISBN: 978-0-373-77239-1
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Mass Market Paperback

Sealed With A Kiss is the much awaited story of Hunter and Molly from Cross My Heart. Hunter and Molly both have issues they have to deal with and we hope in the story they are able to be together.

Molly left Hunter to look for the part of her that was missing. She went looking for her family, her real father not the one she thought all her life. Before she left Hawkenís Cove she had received a letter letting her know the truth. Now she had a destination of where she wanted, needed to go.

To say Hunter was devastated was putting it lightly. He had reverted back to what he did not like, to the person he was before he met Ty and Lacey. Now when Molly showed back up he was finally able to see what he had been doing since Molly walked out on him.

Molly came looking for the best lawyer there was to get her father off. She knew he did not murder his best friend and business partner. Molly thought she was over Hunter but realized she was fooling herself. She was more attracted to him now than ever before.

Hunter took the case thinking he would be able to walk away from Molly once the case was settled. But would he be able to in the end?

There is a cast of characters in Sealed With A Kiss. We have, of course, Molly, Hunter, Ty and Lacey, but we also have Mollyís instant family. Her father, two half-sisters and one grandmother, known as the Commander. Not all the family instantly takes to Molly. Jessie, her younger half-sister, is a pain to put it lightly. This is not all the characters, some of them are outrageous and will leave you laughing at their antics.

Molly and Hunter both have their past to try to come to terms with and what they want or need might not be the same as what they thought in the beginning. We do learn more about Hunter and what makes him Hunter. The story is heart wrenching at times as they try to move forward. It seems that they move forward but then take a slide backwards.

Mrs. Phillips did a superb job of telling the story of Molly and Hunter. Not only do Molly and Hunter open up to each other but the rest of the family does as well. It is hard to shake the foundation of a loving and caring family, even in the most trying of times. There is another character or two that I would love to see appear in another story or have their own story told. Iíll be on the lookout for more stories from Mrs. Phillips.

Reviewed in September 2007 by Pam.

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