by Mary Balogh

July 2007 Reissue
ISBN: 978-0-440-24305-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Bantam Books
Mass Market Paperback

A very unlikely pair, Captain Charlie Simpson and his lovely wife Ellen can make the most inhospitable location a home as long as they have each other. Their marriage and easy affection for one another is envied by many soldiers in the regiment, including Dominic Raine, Lord Eden. He cannot imagine finding a partner like Ellen to share his life, and thinks his friend Charlie is the most fortunate of men.

There is a lull in the fighting and with most of the British troops stationed in Belgium, Ellen travels back to England to fetch her stepdaughter Jennifer. She is eager to visit her father and to experience life now that her school days are over. Ellen hopes that they can become friends, despite the closeness of their ages. She will do anything to make Charlieís home life serene and happy. Who knows when the war will start again and what will happen when it does.

Mary Balogh fans rejoice! The second book of her Web series has been reissued, and brings us another chapter in the Raine family saga. Dominic is a dashing, handsome man who believes that serving his country is an admirable duty. He does not plan to be a career soldier, yet leads his men with quiet competence. He hopes one day to find a wife as compassionate and companionable as Mrs. Simpson. The captainís vivacious daughter might just be a good match, but the war must take precedent. When the unthinkable happens, and Charlie is killed, a wounded Dominic must be the one to tell Ellen the bad news.

Tending to the injured soldiers that have found their way back to Brussels, Ellen has no time to mourn. There are too many who need her care, especially Lord Eden, who hovers near death. When he begins to recover, Ellen is overwhelmed by her sense of relief. She cannot imagine losing Dominic, now that Charlie is gone forever. The survivors discover that their friendship takes on new meaning as they remain in close quarters.

Web of Love is no mere second story. It brings us a deeper understanding of Dominic and his twin Madeline, who cannot bear to be parted from her brotherís side even in war. We are treated with visits from Edmund and his wife Alexandra, who found love in The Gilded Web. A moment of passion has brought two friends together, but will the love they feel now survive the harsh realities of life beyond the battlefield?

Reviewed in June 2007 by Paula.

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