by Vonna Harper

November 2002
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Brandy Schuller was getting on with her life after a serious accident that left her with two broken legs, ribs and a couple other injuries. She wants to become a professional body builder. But she was insecure of her scars and did not think she was beautiful in anyway. Her upbringing also left her with insecurities of her body, thinking she was not pretty or beautiful. So she goes to an expert to help with her bodybuilding career.

Franko Priest is a professional body builder, ex-pro football player and the pro at the gym with a hot, irresistible body to make any woman fantasize over. But he is not just some dumb jock; he is very astute to other people's feelings and what they might need to help overcome those fears. Priest is able to do this because of his own life experiences.

Hard Bodies is considered to be very erotic in nature. There was sexual tension and some teasing at the beginning but the story is more than just about the sexual tension, climaxes, and sex. The story is how one can feel the pain and scars of others from earlier accidents, upbringing and helping them to overcome some of those fears and disbeliefs.

Ms. Harper did a wonderful job of combining the sexual scenes and telling the story of how one can overcome the obstacles put in their path to find happiness with themselves and others.

Reviewed in November 2002 by Pam.

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