by Robin T. Popp

June 2007
ISBN: 978-0-505-52702-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

Werewolf Lexi Colvin is a kick ass bounty hunter. Tracking bail jumpers through the sleazy under world of the Vampire clubs of New York City is a piece of cake to Lexi. After joining magic forces with witches from around the country who are trying to summon more of the immortals to help them battle the evil demon lord Amadja, Lexi has caught a glimpse of a handsome immortal warrior with tattoos all over his heavily muscled torso. It is a huge surprise that the same hunky man she saw during the ritual appears while Lexi is trying to bring in one of her skips.

Immortal Darius has been cooling his heals for over 700 hundred years in his home realm of Ravenscroft, but defies his goddess mother Sekhmet when he hears the ancient “calling” from earth for help. Armed with his supernatural tattoos that change to deadly weapons upon a touch of Darius’ hand, he ventures to the source of the danger to earth and comes right into contact with one sexy she-wolf! The fact that Lexi is very near her full moon cycle and is in desperate need of relief of her sexual overdrive, she is more then attracted to Darius! If these two can find the time in between battling the demons and vampires that want to destroy the good magic of earth, plus find Darius’ missing brother, perhaps Darius can scratch the itch that Lexi has!

The Immortals rock! The second installment of the four book saga is Immortals: The Darkening, written by popular paranormal romance author Robin T. Popp. From the moment Darius comes forward and meets up with bad-to-the-bone Lexi, the two make an explosive demon hunter team! I loved Darius’ forte of tattoos that come to life, and he has a cool innocence about him that is easy to enjoy. Lexi is a werewolf, and one in heat, so she comes off abrasive at times, but there is a good chemistry flow between them and the story is hot! Bring on the next immortal, I can’t wait!

Reviewed in June 2007 by Bonnie.

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