by Kate Wilhelm

September 2007
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2491-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books

Elizabeth Kurtz’s ex-husband has just informed her she needs to get to his parents house and locate a paper which could lead them to have millions of dollars for their son. When she discovers a folder with sheets of paper, she knows she has to take them with her. The papers could potentially have major consequences if found in the wrong hands. She takes the papers and her son and gets out of town, so she can look over the papers and figure out what to do with them. She knows she and her son are in mortal danger.

Barbara Holloway is an attorney and she is also at a crossroads in her life. She has become disillusioned with the justice system and she has misgivings about her boyfriend's proposal of marriage. She decides to take a retreat and think things through to find out what she wants to do in this stage of her life. While on the beach one day, a small boy comes up to her and tells her his mother is dead. She takes him to where his mother is and is suddenly thrust into a world she wants out from. Easier said than done.

A bitter family feud, corporate fraud, greed, insanity and murder run amok, Barbara is in the thick of it all. Not only does she have to solve who is doing what to who, she also has to keep herself safe and alive.

A thrill of a ride for mystery buffs. I thoroughly enjoyed Katie Wilhelm’s novel. Highly recommended.

Reviewed in November 2007 by Pat.

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