by Linda Needham

October 2002
ISBN: 0-380-81524-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

The Bride Bed is set in the twelfth century where Stephen and Maude are fighting for the crown. Carrisford Castle and Lady Talia has been the prize to whomever's loyalty lay on Stephen ever since. The castle has gone through six invasions and Lady Talia's guardianship has been passed through six warlords. She has even been forced to marry either her guardian or one of their relatives a few times but every time before the wedding take place, another invader conquer the castle. She is tired of being the pawn and her castle doesn't have much left after all these invasions over the years.

Her seventh guardian, Alex de Monteneau, seems to be a nice man and capable of protecting both her family and her people. In order to prevent and avoid another guardianship and invasion, she has been planning for years to pull down the castle and has been stealing from her guardians and even from the King.

Talia vows that she will not marry Alex on the day he invades her castle but after some observations and time spent with him, she decides a marriage with Alex will bring peace to Carrisford. But Alex has his own plan. He wants a bigger castle and a wealthier heiress. Although he is attracted to this smart and intelligent beauty, he decides to marry her off to the highest bidder.

The Bride Bed is another page-turner from Linda Needham with simple plotting and lovely characters. With a clever heroine and a dark handsome warrior, this book provides much fun and excitement for readers who love medieval romance. Absolutely a good read!

Reviewed in November 2002 by Rose.

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