by Kim Knox

May 2007
ISBN: 1-59998-167-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Samhain Publishing, Ltd

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Nimue enters Camelot with one goal - seduce Merlin, or lose the only people she loves, her family. Held captive at the hands of Morgan, their only hope is that Nimue can seduce Merlin and send him insane. But she knows it’s not going to be easy, for Merlin can slip under a woman’s skin and see into her very soul. Merlin knows what she is. In the Round Room, he subjects her to a test - one bathed in searing light. It is here he confirms his suspicions, Nimue is a seer. Just like him. His biggest fear though is the attraction he feels for her. He must resist her womanly charms if he is to save his sanity.

Attraction is the least of their problems. A new enemy means they must join forces to save Camelot from a destructive weapon built to devastate. Merlin refuses to trust her. Yet Nimue must use her sight to see into the future and save Camelot. But Merlin knows that knowledge must always come with a price. Will Nimue be willing to pay her price?

Nimue’s Price is a tale of love, passion and betrayal. We all know the usual Arthurian legends, and Kim Knox provides a new twist to the Nimue and Merlin story. She makes the characters come alive with their thoughts and dialogue, transforming them from legends to real people with difficulties that everyone can relate to in a relationship. Despite this, the story, at times, was too confusing for this reader. This took away from the over all flow and pace of the story, making it in my opinion, more difficult to read and enjoy. Overall, though, a good read.

Reviewed in June 2007 by Donna.

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