by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

September 2007
ISBN: 0-446-61730-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Scottish Highlands, 1347

Highlander James Macpherson was the tenth son of Munro Macpherson who blamed Jamie for the loss of his beloved wife who died giving birth to him. Exiled as a boy by his father, Jamie was taken in by the Black Stag, Laird Duncan Mackenzie, and has become one of the best and fiercest of clan Mackenzie’s warriors. Jamie’s huge size has always made him feel awkward and fearful especially with members of the opposite sex, but put a sword and battle ax in his hands and Jamie knows his comfort zone.

Word arrives that tragedy has beset the Macpherson clan; all nine of Jamie’s elder brothers were killed in a horrific accident leaving Jamie the sole surviving heir! Journeying home with his beloved aged dog Cuillin, Jamie is eager to finally make peace with his da. Stopping to rest at St. Bride’s glade, Jamie is in awe of the golden-haired beauty he spies on who bathed by the moonlight makes him think she is one of the faeries.

Aveline Mathison, the youngest daughter of the laird of the Mathison clan, is very much a real flesh and blood woman. Jamie’s astonishment of his good fortune when he meets the woman he is to marry according to the agreement between their fathers, soon falls to his old fears of his immense size (in all things on his massive body) and his petite bride to be. Still Jamie honors the betrothal and takes his bride back with him to Baldreagan Castle. Peril awaits the newlyweds lurking in the keep’s darkened corners, and Jamie won’t believe it is the restless spirits of his brothers. Jamie’s warrior honed senses tell him there is a very real being out there trying to harm him and his clan. Jamie will do whatever he must to keep his new bride safe and in his arms forever.

Like a master chef in the kitchen, Sue Ellen Welfonder knows all the best ingredients to use in making the perfect highland romance story, and whips that together in Bride for a Knight. We first met Jamie Macpherson in her last book, Until the Knight Comes and fell in love with the gentle giant there. Jamie has found the woman who can help him overcome his inferiority complex with his size. The pixyish Aveline proves once again the old adage; good things come in small packages! Fans of Welfonder won’t want to pass up Bride for a Knight.

Reviewed in September 2007 by Bonnie.

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