by Debra Webb

September 2007
ISBN: 0-312-94222-2
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Every town no matter how big or small had secrets to hide and Pine Bluff, Alabama wasnít any different. In this small town everyone knew everyone else and their business, or so it would seem. The secrets ran deep and in fact put Clint Austin in Holman Prison for over ten years. He was paroled early and sets off to Pine Bluff to set the record straight and find out who really killed Heather Baker.

The story opens up with Clintís release from Holman Prison and the Chief of Police Ray Hale taking him home to Pine Bluff. He wasnít interested in what Ray had to say but knew he should be grateful but canít seem to bring himself to tell Ray. The trouble for Clint started almost immediately from a protest to graffiti on his new employerís business.

We canít leave out Emily Wallace. She found her best friend murdered in her own bed with Clint bent over her. She didnít know how he got into her room that night but she would do anything to see he was sent back to prison. She sets out following him to catch him in a violation against his parole. But she soon catches and understands there was more going on in Pine Bluff than she thought. Was Clint really guilty of murdering Heather? That was just one of the questions that Emily had to find an answer to.

Throughout the story there was someone only referred to as her. Just who is the woman? What hold does she have over the men in that small town? When you think you might know who it is, there is something that gives you a doubt. Besides the mystery surrounding Heather Bakerís murder in Emilyís bed there are more secrets, deceit, danger and suspense surround the whole town.

Along the way Clint and Emily, surrounded by the past of Heatherís death, also remember the past between them both attracted to each other but Emily afraid to do anything and Clint teasing her, the typical high school syndrome.

Debra Webb made the leap to mainstream with a splash. Traceless is a story that will keep you turning the pages until the end. The mystery surrounding Pine Bluff will keep you glued to the pages and trying to find out who she is. Not only do Clint and Emily need to move on from the past and they canít do that until they know who murdered Heather. But there are several others who have secrets of that night as well as others. It seems that quite a few need to unburden a few secrets as well.

If you like romantic suspense stories that leave you guessing until near the very end, then donít hesitate to pick up Traceless by Debra Webb. She will not disappoint you. Be on the lookout for her next mainstream release called Nameless. I canít wait to read it.

Reviewed in August 2007 by Pam.

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