by Anthology

September 2007
ISBN: 978-0-425-21707-8
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Trade Paperback

Sanctuary by Eden Bradley

Devin never thought of herself as a sexual submissive. After one impromptu visit to the dungeons of the Ring, Devin is captivated by visions of leather bonds and spankings. Although, not any leather clad, whip-wielding master will do. Shaye Vincent is the only master who can give innocent Devin what she needs. In the process Shaye will discover a whole new world.

Wild Nights by Jaci Burton

Grace Wylde owns a club for hedonists. Every pleasure and kink imaginable is available for a nominal fee. Yet Grace has become bored with it all. In walks Mike Rottingham, a veterinarian whose animal instincts make him damn near irresistible. The two of them have a great deal in common: they both enjoy sex, they have tried just about every kink there is, and they are both independent, strong-willed individuals. When their relationship deepens can these two independents make room in their lives for another.

Purple Magic by Lisa Renee Jones

When her best friend vanishes Jolene Morrison knows exactly where to look, Manhattan’s exclusive invitation only sex clubs. To help in her search Jolene will have to trust Drago, an insider. Now that she has entered this hedonistic world she may never be able to escape.

Talented trio Eden Bradley, Jaci Burton, and Lisa Renee Jones offer an Exclusive look at three couples who stumble into love. This anthology will arouse you, tease you and please you. I fell in love with these couples. Each story could easily stand alone but is complimented by the others. The pairings were realistic and engaging as well as touching. Sequels would not be bad idea. Hint. Hint.

Reviewed in September 2007 by Cynthia.

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