by Jennifer Ashley

September 2007
ISBN: 978-0-505-52688-5
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Mass Market Paperback

Hunter was the immortal known as ďthe crazy one.Ē Hunterís happy-go-lucky persona was a facade to hide the pain of loosing his wife and children millennia ago while battling a demon. Torn from a tryst in the Midwest and thrown onto a tropical island in the middle of a lionís pen, Hunter is just as confused as the woman holding him at gunpoint as to why and how he got there!

A former Coven of Light member, Witch Leda Stowe enjoys the solitude of the island sanctuary and the companionship of the instituteís animals she cares for. Hearing the roar of Mukasa, the lion who was rescued from an abusive drug lord, Leda rushes to his pen. Leda is stunned to see the sexy half naked man inside her lionís cage nonchalantly standing there completely indifferent to the danger he might be in. What throws Leda more is the enormous amount of white life magic emanating off the man as he casually strokes Mukasa and tells Leda he can help her get rid of the death magic that plagues her. Giving in to Hunterís passionate seduction frees Ledaís soul and allows her to love again. But the world is in danger from the evil machinations of Hunterís insane younger brother Tain and his demon lover, forcing Hunter and Leda to leave their island paradise to join his other immortal brothers in the battle already in progress on the mainland. This will be The Gathering of the immortals and their followers to bring down the ancient demon that is draining the life force of the earth!

The final installment of the Immortals series ends with a bang in The Gathering by Jennifer Ashley. Fourth immortal Hunterís story is limited to the first part of the book so the love story is anticlimactic between him and Leda. This is kind of unfair as his older three brothers were given full length stories in their books. Characters from all of the books converge for the final battle. Closure is brought for all of the immortals and their friends, including an important hint for Tain and the half-demon woman Samantha which we hope will be resolved in his story when it arrives next year.

Reviewed in October 2007 by Bonnie.

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