by Virginia Henley

November 2002
ISBN: 0-451-20737-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Christopher (Kit) and Nicholas (Nick) Hatton are identical twins though they were born two days apart and of different zodiac. They do everything together and always swap their identity to fool anyone. Nick always takes the blame for his older brother no matter what kind of mischief Kit has done. They are known as Harm and Hazard since birth.

Kit is the heir of the family but it was Nick who is the born leader. Their father, Henry, has hated Nick since his birth and makes sure that Kit inherits all his wealth and properties. He has also chosen an heiress, Alexandra (Alex) Sheffield, to be Kit's future bride.

The twins are going to be twenty-one and Henry thinks it is time for Kit to get married and arranges a party to announce Kit's engagement. On the day of the party, father and son have a heated argument in the woods. Kit shoots his father and begs Nick to swap his identity and claims that there has been a hunting accident. As usual, Nick agrees and takes the blame for him. Kit then becomes the Lord of Hatton Hall and Nick is surprised to find that his father leaves him nothing. Nick joins the army and leaves for Spain.

Alexandra Sheffield has been a childhood friend of both Kit and Nick but her eyes are set on Nick instead of the older brother. Nick always calls Alex a hellion because of her outrageous behavior - like dressing herself in her brother's clothes to gamble in White's and goes wherever she likes without a chaperon.

The relationship between Nick and Alex seems to pause after Nick leaves for the war and does not resume until his return.

Ravished proves to be an entertaining and enjoyable read with this particular heroine, Alex Sheffield. She is a spirited beauty and breaks every rule that the society forbids at that time. Her desperation in writing and reforming the society makes her so attractive and draws the readers' attention. Readers will love the last part of the story when Alex finds herself not an heiress and goes ahead to work in a brothel as a stripper in order to take care of her family. An usual woman who is admirable or like Nick said a hellion.

Reviewed in November 2002 by Rose.

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