by Shannon McKenna

August 2007
ISBN: 0-7582-1185-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Shannon McKenna returns to her McCloud series with Edge of Midnight. None of the McCloud men have had an easy life, but Sean seems to have had the worst of it. His twin brother is killed when they are only 21, and then he hurts the woman he loves in order to force her to leave him. He hated every cruel word he said to her but he did it to keep her safe.

Liv Endicott stands in despair in front of her burned out book store. All her dreams are in ashes around her feet. It just figures the love of her life shows up while she's standing there in her raggy pajamas that donít do anything to hide the pounds she wishes she could lose. Though she should hate Sean for breaking her heart all those years ago, her traitorous body goes all tingly just from standing so near to him.

When an attempt is made on Livís life, Sean knows he has to keep her safe, especially since no one else believes sheís actually in danger. Despite knowing some madman wants to kill her, Liv wonders if sheís any safer with Sean. She really doesnít want to risk her heart on this man again.

Sean canít keep his hands off Liv, and she canít find the strength to turn him away. From one highly erotic encounter to the next Liv is helpless to resist, and is soon giving as good as she gets. One scene in particular was rather inventive and something Iíve certainly never read before.

Filled with action-packed scenes, and highly erotic ones, McKenna doesnít disappoint. She makes no apologies for her over the top alpha men, and none is needed. While not everyone could make such men so appealing, this author does it with style. Although Edge of Midnight can be read as a stand alone, I highly recommend reading the previous books in this series if you want to keep up with all the characters.

Reviewed in July 2007 by Jackie.

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