by Jaid Black

October 2002
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Three years ago, Geris Jackson watched her best friend Kyra disappear with two large blond men in the parking lot of The Smiling Faces and Peaceful Hearts Meditation Retreat in the Catskill Mountains. She has spent the time since then determined to find her. Geris and Kyra have been friends since they were five years old, both grieving for their fathers who had recently died.

As a last resort, Geris consults a spiritual medium, Disciple Magda, a Disciple of the Mistress of the Light who tells her to go to Las Vegas, the fair-haired giant has returned to this realm. So, off she goes to Las Vegas and Caesar’s Palace.

King Dak Q’an Tal has returned to Earth to find Geris, his onyx wench. The woman who has been decreed is his nee’ka, his Sacred Mate. He has been assured that Earth women were attracted to and worshiped Elvis, so dressed as the “King” he searches for Geris.

When their paths finally cross, what follows is a hilarious, erotic romp through the stars. Along with Dak’s two-arsed friend, Kita, they head for Ti Q’won. Along the way we stop on the planet Tojo, where everyone literally has a butt-head and every woman has to sleep with her thighs open to feed the Rustians, inch-high nomads. (I think you get the picture).

After arriving on Trek Mi Q’an, Geris has a lot to adjust to. A new husband she has fallen in love with, totally against her better judgment and a new home and culture.

I laughed and squirmed throughout this whole story. This is definitely not a story you read home alone unless you have your significant other on hand for a little relief or Bob (your battery-operated boyfriend).

Seized is a sexy, raucous love story. This is the first e-book by Jaid Black that I have read and is also actually the sequel to The Empress’ New Clothes, Kyra’s story. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and will definitely be going back to look for her others.

Reviewed in November 2002 by Carolyn.

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