by Laura Caldwell

November 2002
ISBN: 0-373-25021-5
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Trade Paperback

First time author Laura Caldwell makes a stunning debut with her chick-lit drama, Burning The Map. The main character, Casey Evers, is a twenty-six year old law school graduate whose life is average in every way. She has a brimming career, a budding relationship, and her future seems well mapped out. But before Casey commits to endless hours at a Chicago law firm, she decides to embark on a vacation with her two best friends.

The trip is more of a regrouping than a wild vacation with pals. Casey has noticed her closest gal pals arenít so close anymore. Since she began a committed relationship with her boyfriend, John, she has seen less and less of them. To top it off, Casey and Johnís relationship has become less than perfect.

Hoping a trip to the exotic locales of Greece and Rome will rekindle the friendships between her and her girlfriends, Casey opts to deny real problems exist. However, her issues follow her across the globe and Casey ends up making some life-altering decisions while abroad.

Burning The Map is about the search for oneís true self and how relationships intertwine and enhance lifeís experiences. While Casey learns friendships may take a back seat to romance, she soon realizes relationships - of love and friendship - are the solid grounding one needs to make lifeís moments interesting.

Author Laura Caldwell has successfully drawn realistic characters and the theme of love, in all its forms, is written with truth and realism. The story captures the essence of a young woman searching for something significant in a sometimes superficial world. If youíre looking for a modern tale of friendship, love, and the search for personal bliss, Burning The Map will undoubtedly satisfy your craving.

Reviewed in November 2002 by Lori.

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