by Leigh Greenwood

December 2000
ISBN: 0-8439-4804-3
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Mass Market Paperback

What on earth could a European princess possibly be doing in a dusty Arizona frontier town? Why would she need the services of Luke Attmore, gunslinger, western legend and amazingly handsome guy?

It sounds too cheesy, doesn’t it? But actually this is the premise for a very nice romance by Leigh Greenwood. I have to admit I did not realize that Mr. Greenwood had plenty of other western romances to his credit (a lot named after their one-syllable heroes – Ward, Buck, Chet, etc.) but it didn’t take too many chapters to see how comfortable he was writing about this time, this place and these people.

Valeria of Badenburg is, of course, spoilt, arrogant, wealthy, and lovely. She creeps under enigmatic Luke’s skin and becomes a burr around his heart. The plot is well thought out, but really pales next to the deepening relationship between Luke and Valeria. Watching them as they both start to learn about themselves and each other is a delight.

Valeria is a great heroine. Unafraid of change, she doesn’t take too long to realize that the Wild West is a universe apart from her previously pampered life. And yet there are parallels, and doggone it, she finds them! Luke is the quintessential cowboy hero, the silent loner, that loves the women, shoots the bad guys and rides off into the sunset. But in Valeria he has met his match. When he tries to ride off into the sunset she takes off after him and doesn’t give him a minute’s peace. Right on, Valeria!!!

I don’t have many western romances on my shelves – not by choice, but because I just haven’t reached that section yet!! However, this book was enjoyable enough to send me looking for other Leigh Greenwood books, and I would certainly recommend it to any romance fan.

Reviewed in November 2002 by Celia.

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