by Alyssa Day

November 2007
ISBN: 978-0425217962
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Seattle, Washington

Erin Connors is a powerful witch to the ninth-level, and member of the Seattle Coven of Light. Ten years ago the vicious thousand year old Vampire Caligula slaughtered Erinís family. Now she will do whatever it takes to destroy him and his army of the undead. Erin is seeking to form an alliance with the legendary Warriors of Poseidon, and arranges a meeting at a local dive with their leader, Lord Vengeance. Erin is nearly knocked off her stiletto heels when she spots the way over six foot god-like warrior who greets her.

Lord Vengeance, the younger brother to the future King of Atlantis, patiently awaits his meeting with the human witch Erin Connors. Ven is blown away by the gorgeous blonde in high heels and butt tight jeans who slinks her way into the bar for their meeting. Never in his over five hundred years of life has Ven ever been affected this way by a female! Could this be the soul melding that took his brother Conlan by surprise when he met his mate Riley? Whatever it is, the Kingís Vengeance is not about to let the Vamps have his witch; he will protect Erin with all of his warrior skills, or die trying. Atlantis is awakening and the Warriors of Poseidon will rally to protect their world and that of humans from the dark forces they have fought against for centuries.

The second installment of Alyssa Dayís extraordinary series Warriors of Poseidon is continued in Atlantis Awakening. Lord Vengeance, younger brother to Prince Conlan the hero from Atlantis Arising gets his soul mate when he meets Erin Connors. Hot and steamy is the combination of the two, throw in the secondary stories of Alaric and Quinn and the not so bad to the bone General Drakos, aka Daniel, and the sagaís sizzling momentum keeps on turning up the heat. This paranormal recipe served up in Atlantis Awakening includes all the ingredients you will need to enjoy, vamps, witches, shape shifters, psychics, and sexy warriors plus scorching sex scenes and a few good belly laughs! Reminder this is not for the squeamish, the battle scenes are very depictive.

Reviewed in January 2008 by Bonnie.

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