by Jean Johnson

September 2007
ISBN: 978-0425217061
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Trade Paperback

This third book in the Sons of Destiny series focuses on Dominor who had previously been kidnapped and taken away from his brothers and Nightfall Island. He wakes from a drugged state to find himself chained aboard a ship which is soon thereafter taken control of by slavers. As if wearing dirty, low quality clothing isnít bad enough, now heís humiliated and put up on the block to be sold.

Lady Serina is a very gifted mage who has figured out a way to reverse a centuries old spell which gives all magical abilities to females when they are born. But she needs a strong mage to work the tantric spell with her and, when she sees Dominor on the block, she knows he was meant for her.

Serina promises to free Dominor from captivity if he swears to give her one year to use him to help break the spell. While he has no problem with the sexual parts of the ritual, heís not made aware of the fact heíll need to father a child. Serina is under the impression he never wants children so she keeps that little fact to herself. While they practice to get things just right for the ritual, they both find themselves getting closer and closer.

Secondary characters are introduced which we will see more of in the future as they pertain to future brotherís destinies. Unfortunately, most of the story takes place in Serinaís realm rather than Dominorís, and the absence of the other brothers kept this book from being as enjoyable as the previous two. I also felt very overwhelmed with the multiple mathmagical descriptions which I found much easier to skim over than try to make sense of. One other issue with the book is that I wish the two of them hadnít fallen into bed so quickly. That being said, this series is still fascinating and I very much look forward to reading future books.

Reviewed in August 2007 by Jackie.

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