by Genell Dellin

October 2002
ISBN: 0-06-000146-1
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Mass Market Paperback

With this book Geneli Dellin adds another story to her series about ďCherokee Warriors.Ē Here, itís Eagle Jack Sixkiller (great name) who ends up meeting his fate in the form of one feisty widow. Susanna Copeland starts off on the right foot by bailing him out of jail!

How Eagle Jack ended up in jail in the first place is part of the thread that runs through this story and it features a very nice plot along with a very nice romance. The job that Susanna hires Jack to fill, that of trail boss, is a hard one, and for those readers who missed the generation of cowboy shows on television, some of the terms may seem incomprehensible at first. But accuracy is better than explanation, at least to my way of thinking, and itís not long before we are swept up into the dust and excitement of running a herd of cattle up the Chisholm trail.

We are also swept up into the vibrant and sizzling interaction of Jack and Susanna. Their romance is as rough and rocky as the trail itself and has just about as many twists and turns. Itís interesting to find that here, very little is made of Jackís Cherokee heritage, at no time does Susanna ever hesitate to love Jack or seem to be aware of his nationality. This is certainly as it should be, but Iím not so sure thatís how it actually would have been! But in a romance novel, things can be much as we want them to be, and that is certainly the case here, as Susanna topples off her independent pedestal and into Jackís arms.

By the end of the trail I felt that I knew these two characters and was rooting for them all the way. Itís a charming love story, a great western, and will certainly make you want to saddle up and head out to find a herd and a Cherokee warrior of your own.

Reviewed in November 2002 by Celia.

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