by Annette Blair

August 2007
ISBN: 978-0425216637
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

When psychic witch Harmony Cartwright receives a vision from a vintage gown, along with discovering a mysterious ring, she knows she has been handed a mission. She needs to go to the castle in her vision and meet the owner. She just never imagined the owner would be so irascible, frustrating, or so darn sexy!

King Paxton just wants to get rid of the family castle. He has a buyer and as long as he can finish the renovations in time, he will finally be rid of it. Unfortunately, the castle is haunted by one very angry ghost. It is causing havoc throughout the entire renovation process. His crew bickers, there is an angry wind, and nothing seems to get done. But then in walks a beautiful blond and there is instant harmony.

King is a bit uptight; he has plenty of issues with his past, but beneath the bluster beats a heart of gold that Harmony instantly connects with. These two do plenty of squabbling but with an underlying respect between them, love is sure to blossom, even with an angry ghost intent on causing damage, and maybe even a bit more, to the residents of Paxton Castle.

Sex and the Psychic Witch is the first book to feature one of the Cartwright triplets. Harmony is sassy, winsome, sexy, and definitely not afraid to stand up to King. They have great chemistry, even if he can't always believe in the possibilities of ghosts and psychics. He never berates her so he definitely earns brownie points on that score.

King is a classic male. Very alpha, full of lust and more than willing to ignore what doesn't make sense. However he can't ignore Harmony, or the past that is slowly seeping back into his present.

Annette Blair writes a pretty enjoyable story. While this book vacillates between sexy and over the top, there is a solid romance at the heart with a plethora of characters to keep you entertained, so that readers can't help but read on even when some of the situations veer into the totally unbelievable category.

Even with its rough spots, I'm still eagerly anticipating the next story featuring a Cartwright!

Reviewed in July 2007 by Sarah.

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