by Laura E. Reagan

May 2007
ISBN: 1897261861
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Peyton and her sister Frieda came to Wellbourne to find suitors and to pick up tips on being ladies so they can easily attract suitors. Peyton has a lot to learn though Frieda is already a young lady and she has given her heart to a young man, but he is not deemed suitable.

Peyton meets Lady Elizabeth of Well Bourne's nephew Rupert Granville and her legs turn to jelly!

Peyton annoyed me a lot. She is such a contradiction. She appears a bold tomboy ready to explore where she shouldn't and take risks, yet she acts like a silly schoolgirl around Rupert. She kept feeling ill and making excuses or was in tears whenever he got annoyed with her. And he got annoyed a lot!

The idea of the estate being used as a place for young ladies to learn about society seemed odd as I thought they would have learned that from their families. There was also a lot of young men there and some seemed far from suitable!

Somehow a young man that used snot nose as a nickname for a young lady turned me right off!! But Rupert referred to Peyton by this name a few times.

I found the story a bit hard to follow as it seemed to ramble on a bit. I didn't find the hero, Rupert all that likeable nor did I care that much for Peyton.

This made it hard for me to like the story as it was hard to care if Peyton and Rupert got together at the end.

This is solely my opinion and readers may well like the hero and heroine so it is worth giving the book a read.

Reviewed in July 2007 by Mary.

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