by Janet Quinn

May 2007
ISBN: 978-1-60272-036-7
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Erica looks after her ailing father who has grown very forgetful. She also runs there sheep farm and has to care for her little sister Anne. When she discovers the governess hired by her father for Anne is a brawny, handsome kilted, man, she is horrified. But she decides to hire Duncan anyway as she desperately needs someone to educate her little sister. Her father has also promised her hand in marriage to three different suitors, leading to many complications!

Duncan takes a shine to the spirited Erica and helps her keep the suitors at bay. Her father has little recollection of having promised her to three different men!

There are some really funny moments in this story. Especially when all three turn up as guests all wanting her promise to marry them! Duncan turns out to be a tower of strength.

The characters are brilliant. Even the formidable nanny who is determined that Duncan can never be alone with Anne though she is only a child! It is Erica who Duncan finds himself attracted to.

There is some tension in the story too as locals are set about by highwaymen. This is a new occurrence in the area and a source of great worry to add to Erica's problems.

I have read a few of Janet Quinn's books and never been disappointed. This one is her best yet. It has everything a reader could wish for, romance, humor, tension, and excellent characters and plotting. Erica and Duncan make a wonderful couple and their story as it builds will keep the reader hooked. This book is a great way to introduce the reader to Janet Quinn.

This gets the full 5 roses from this reviewer.

Reviewed in August 2007 by Mary.

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