by Mari Byrne

October 2002
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This is one of those times when being a reviewer is very very hard. A lovely little story like this crosses our screens and leaves us yearning for more. The premise here is simple and clever – Death himself has a chance at life. Of course the catch is that he has to be accepted for who he is. And there’s only one woman who can do that.

But this is a “Quickie”! One of those tales that burns its way across our brains like a comet, here and then gone in a flash, leaving only an impression of the actual thing. I would have relished the chance to get to know Tawny, the woman who has lived with Death. Sort of. What did she do? How did she handle the knowledge that she alone carried inside her?

And Death himself? Whew, oh yes!! I’d like to have gotten to know him. REAL well. The interaction between these two is as hot as any offered by Ellora’s Cave, and is guaranteed to get the steam hissing from the radiators. There is the requisite cheerful and upbeat ending, which fits in well with the rest of the story even though one of the characters wouldn’t seem to be a natural for a happy ending.

It will be great to see a full length title from Ms. Byrne, and find out if the charm and skill of this quickie carries over into characters we can get to know a little better.

Reviewed in November 2002 by Celia.

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