by Donna Kauffman

August 2007
ISBN: 0-7582-1725-0
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Trade Paperback

Donovan MacLeod (Mac) and Kate Sutherland have a history, of sorts. Eighteen years ago, Mac’s father was the abusive, drunken handyman at Camp Winnimocca that was owned by Kate’s mother. Mac and Kate both pretended indifference to each other in order to hide their true feelings. After all, Mac was just the handyman’s son and Kate was the High Society “Princess” so naturally there was no “future” for the two of them...or was there?

Fast forward eighteen years and Mac is on a job with one of his partners and best friends, Rafe. After a close encounter with a bomb, Mac sees a section of newspaper that describes an heiress giving up her sizeable fortune for a camp and all the problems she’s been having with it and all of his fantasies come rushing back. Rafe notices his distraction and takes Mac to the airport so he can rent a car and head to, the camp.

Kate is having a rotten day – her stepbrother never showed up for the signing of the papers to transfer the camp to her and her fortune to him. She can’t do anything until the camp is in her name and she wants to be open the following year. Also the fact that her vandalism problem hasn’t gone away and the sheriff won’t do anything about it and finding Mac, of all people, on her front porch when she gets home just takes the cake!

Mac is determined to help Kate discover what’s been going on at her camp and help her get it up and running, with several obstacles in the way. Kate is determined to overcome Mac’s obstacles!

The Princess and The Black Sheep by Donna Kauffman is a fun book. I was a tad disappointed about the "mystery" going on but I enjoyed the fact that Kate went after what she wanted and didn’t allow Mac to stand in her way! I loved to see the little “giggles” that Ms. Kauffman worked into her book. Can’t wait to read Rafe’s story!

Reviewed in August 2007 by PamL.

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