by Catherine Snodgrass and Bryndis Rubin

October 2002
ISBN: 1-59279-004-6
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Staff Sergeant Rowan McKinley is in the brig. A charge of murder is hanging over her head and she is only too aware that she needs the best lawyer the Marines can provide. Unfortunately, that is Captain Phillip Stuart. And Phillip is the one man that Rowan dreads seeing again. It has been nine years since they parted.

When starting this story, I wasn’t quite sure whether to expect a “Hoo Rah” military mystery/romance or what... introducing characters who are in the Marines kind of straightens the spine and makes one want to dust the desktop first. But it took no time at all for me to sink deeply into this tale of passions rediscovered and crimes revealed.

I’m always impressed by stories where the blend between romance and plot is skillfully managed, and that is certainly the case here. The reasons for Rowan’s predicament are slowly revealed and the mysteries unfurl with the delicacy of a nice detective novel. No great surprises, but a very well thought-out tale where attention is paid to detail and careful work has obviously been done to make sure that the result is satisfying. It is.

The romance is strong and passionate, two vibrant characters who need only to be in the same room to start the fires smoldering. It’s very easy to find oneself cheering for both Rowan and Phillip, especially as the story moves them into dangerous territory. But Phillip is one heck of a hero, and Rowan, thank god, an excellent match. Both are stubborn, both are proud, both are intelligent, and underneath the spit and polish, both are nuts about each other.

Need I say more? Oh yeah – one thing...”Hoo Rah”!!

Reviewed in November 2002 by Celia.