by Sherryl Woods

December 2002
ISBN: 1-55166-955-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

Trinity Harbor and the Spencers have a long shared history and the town wouldn’t be the same without them. Now that his other two children are happily settled, King Spencer, that olympic class meddler, turns his matchmaking sights onto his eldest son Tucker, who’s the local sheriff. But Tucker’s always been in love with his childhood friend Mary Elizabeth who went off and married a prominent upcoming politician and in the process, broke his heart. Since then, no one in the town has any good feelings for her and Liz too, has not returned since. Which is why Tucker is immensely surprised and shocked, to come home one night and discover Mary Elizabeth in his bed, fast asleep and wearing his clothes!

Things take a bizarre turn when Liz tells Tucker that her husband has been murdered in their home in Trinity Harbor and she was one who found him dead! Fearful of being considered the prime suspect because of their very recent and public quarrel when she asked her husband for a divorce, Liz turns to the one man who has been her lifelong protector - Tucker. To avoid controversy, Tucker removes himself from the case but continues investigating from the sidelines, upon Liz’s request. Trinity Harbor is outraged and panic-stricken at the events, while the Spencers are just plain outraged at Liz’s re-entry into Tucker’s life. Liz bitterly regrets breaking up with Tucker and marrying her philandering husband. Can Tucker ever forgive her and take her back? What will Tucker do, especially since he himself is not a hundred percent sure of Liz’s innocence in the murder?

This is the final book in Sherryl Woods’ Trinity Harbor and the Spencer series. Everything is wrapped up, all neat and tight, in this last book. Fans will be happy to read about the fitting conclusion to King and Frances’ romance. Characters from previous books put in appearances. Ms. Woods aptly depicts the small town mentality, where gossip reigns supreme and which can make or break a person. The story is good, though not new, while the mystery is a lot better, with red herrings galore. But it is the wonderful characterizations, the deep conflicts and the revealing of the innermost thoughts and feelings of everyone involved, which makes Along Came Trouble such a joy to read.

Liz does not whitewash the fact that she left her small town boyfriend to marry a worldly-wise charmer who promised her all that Tucker could never give her. She fell for it and lived to deeply regret it. She does not conceal either fact, which makes her one of the most honest heroines I have read about in recent times. Tucker’s struggle with his lifelong instincts to protect Liz, his hurt over her betrayal and his duties as a sheriff, makes for some very interesting reading. The Spencers hate Liz and their attempts to stop Tucker from falling for her once again and his evasion of them, gives rise to some good light-hearted scenes. But the ending where Liz makes up with the Spencers, could have used a little more work, as it seems a bit over-the-top. But apart from this small thing, Ms. Woods has done an overall excellent job with this book and I, for one, will continue reading her!

Reviewed in November 2002 by Rashmi.

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