by Suzanne Enoch

August 2007
ISBN: 978-0-06-123147-6
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Mass Market Paperback

In Suzanne Enoch’s new book, readers get treated to both a historical story and a contemporary tale!

In A Diamond or Forever, Evangeline Munroe’s life changes dramatically when her aunt gives her a family heirloom: the cursed Nightshade Diamond. Evangeline doesn’t believe in the supposed curse of course, but as soon as the diamond is in her possession, strange things start happening, including a carriage accident with the rapscallion Marquis of Rawley, Connoll Spencer Addison. A steamy but brief kiss ignites even more change in Evangeline’s life as Connoll decides to pursue her!

With two other determined suitors in the wings, Connoll must show Evangeline the importance of love in marriage, and not the importance of settling on a marriage because the suitor is full of compliments and amiable to being led by the wife. Connoll may have been a confirmed bachelor but with Evangeline, his heart yearns for more and he is about to show her that, luck or no, only she has the power to decide her future.

This tempestuous historical is wrought with passion, laughter, shared wit, and two characters who defy conventions to fall in love. Connoll doesn’t give the best first impression but readers will admire his tenacity as he tackles falling in love. Evangeline is obstinate and a bit scared of truly falling in love so it is a great treat seeing her finally give in to real emotions and not shallow niceties. The ending leads very nicely into the beginning of the next story.

Samantha Jellicoe and Rick Addison are back in Diamonds Are Not a Girl’s Best Friend. It’s been eight months of love, laughter, arguments, and continued attempts to reform. Sam is still on the up and up and she is the doing all the security for the upcoming gem display to be shown at Rick’s English estate. In the course of making sure everything is falling into place, Rick and Sam discover a diamond hidden in the wall. Rick scoffs at the note from his ancestors purporting that the diamond is cursed, but Sam feels otherwise. She’s just got a feeling that somehow that diamond showing up during her big event is not a good sign. Will the Nightshade Diamond bring disaster down on the big event or can Sam and Rick work together to stop the exhibit from turning into a fiasco?

The bad guys always come out of the woodwork when Sam is involved and this time is no different. Though one of the villains will seem obvious from the beginning, this doesn’t hurt the story. Sam is truly in her element with her security systems and it is fun to see her excelling at something besides high crime. As always, the chemistry between Rick and Sam is off the charts, and there are several poignant scenes to balance the heat.

Twice the Temptation is engaging and magnetic. It stands out with humor, three-dimensional characters, and an ominous diamond to hold it all together.

Reviewed in July 2007 by Sarah.

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