by Suzanne Macpherson

August 2007
ISBN: 978-0-06-116126-1
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Mass Market Paperback

This summer author Suzanne Macpherson takes us on a trip to Port Gamble, and into the lives of the residents there, both those who make Port Gamble their home all year, and those who live there for just a few weeks or months each summer.

As the story opens Lila Abbot is passing out samples of Cheez Wiz, crackers, and green olives as part of her job at Market Foods. What could be eventful about something as mundane as that? It doesnít take us long to find out.

Emily Ruth Griffin, a local girl who married one of the summer guys, divorced him, and then married his brother has collapsed near the lemons and is dying. What caused her collapse, and was it a simple matter of natural causes making her die a prematurely early death, or was Emily Ruth somehow murdered?

For Lucas Griffin, Emilyís ex-husband the news of her death is shocking, but finally allows him to regain control of his familyís summer home. Emily Ruth had been given a life estate in the home upon the accidental death of Jason her second husband, and Lucasís brother. To say that Lucas and Emily were friendly would be to tell a lie, so did Lucas somehow mastermind the perfect murder?

Now, comes the totally unexpected...Emily Ruth comes back to haunt not only Market Foods, but Lila and Lucas as well. Turns out that Lila has a reputation of being able to see spirits and help them settle their earthly business so they can transition to the next phase of their life. What could Emily Ruth be trying to tell them? How will the secrets of her life affect the lives of other residents of Port Gamble?

Overall, The Forever Summer is a cute, fast paced read. Their were times when Lila because of her past, didnít want to trust in Lucas, and Lucas with his own emotional baggage also didnít trust in Lila. Whether or not they learn from these past mistakes youíll have to find out when you read The Forever Summer .

As authors retire, or change their style I find the lack of straight romantic comedy missing from the bookshelves. Ms. Macpherson is an author whose unique style is one to watch, and to hope that she sticks to what she knows best...romantic comedy!

Reviewed in August 2007 by Sandi.

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