by Sandra Hill

November 2007
ISBN: 978-0425217931
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

While in the midst of a mission in Afghanistan Navy SEAL Zachary “Pretty Boy” Floyd locates his son, Sammy, and brings him back to America. Zach’s unauthorized relocation of his son results in an uproar between the US and Afghanistan led by Sammy’s sadistic grandfather. In the middle of all this trouble Zach can’t forget about the woman he met after a brush with the impossible. Britta Asadottir is the only woman who’s refused Zach’s attentions and with no possibility of Zach and Britta ever seeing each other again Zach must focus his attention on straightening out his current situation, earning his son’s trust and to ensuring his sons safety.

Britta Asadottir unexpectedly finds herself thrust forward in time and in the middle of WEALS training, the new female version of the SEALs program. Britta doesn’t know what to think or do other than to go along with what’s happening, that is until she comes face to face with Zachary, the lustsome lout that pursued her then disappeared, then she’s convinced he must have something to do with her current situation. Britta has learned to be wary of men from a young age and her unexpected feelings for Zach are puzzling but soon become hard to ignore. Unsure of how permanent her situation is Britta struggles with her burgeoning relationship with Zach and the pull of the past. With outside forces threatening Zach and Britta they must find a way over the obstacles in their path.

Down and Dirty is another great addition to Sandra Hill’s captivating Viking - Navy SEAL time travels, it will capture readers from the first page and have them unwilling to put the novel down. Britta’s ability to survive in a time that was so iron ruled by men is what makes her such a compelling character and one that women will cheer on in her quest to strengthen herself. Zach’s desire for such a strong woman as Britta only serves to make him even more desirable, as does his love for his son and his determination to form a bond with Sammy. The developing relationship between two such strong characters is sure to make this novel one that readers will enjoy time and again. Sandra Hill is a phenomenal writer that always creates well crafted tales blending love, humor and the impossible in captivating ways. Sandra Hill has long been a author whose work I eagerly await and Down and Dirty did not disappoint, I look forward to her next installment in her wonderful Viking-Navy SEAL time travel novels.

Reviewed in December 2007 by Claudia.

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