by Cheryl St. John

July 2007
ISBN: 978-0373294510
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Newton, Kansas 1894

Lorabeth Holdrige was finally going to experience life as she had only dreamed it could be! Convincing her strict preacher father to let her live with her employers, Dr. and Mrs. Chaney, full time, Lorabeth could go to parties and socialize with young people her own age. Lorabeth could eat in restaurants, visit the library to feed her hunger for new knowledge, shop in the town stores, and maybe even take a train ride! Yes, life with the Chaney family was going to be exciting! The biggest thrill of all was getting to know Ellie Chaney’s younger brother Benjamin, the town veterinarian, and the recipient of Lorabeth’s first crush.

Ben Chaney was a cynical loner. Raised by his older sister Ellie and adopted by her noble husband Dr. Caleb Chaney, Ben still had feelings of inferiority for being the son of an alcoholic whore. Outside of the Chaney family, Ben kept mostly to himself; his companions were the animals for whom he cared deeply. But now there was a new member of Ellie’s household he would have to deal with, their housekeeper, Lorabeth Holdridge, a true innocent in the ways of the world. Ben appointed himself Lorabeth’s “protector” but found his growing feelings for her were really what she would need protection from. Was Ben worthy enough of the love of The Preacher’s Daughter?

Cheryl St. John’s tales of the western frontier and strong family values stir the heartstrings of the reader and such is the case with her latest The Preacher’s Daughter a sequel to her successful bestseller The Doctor’s Wife. Ben Chaney learns he is not alone in the world anymore after the kind hearted Lorabeth gifts him with love to heal Ben’s tortured soul. It takes almost to the last pages for Ben to get this but the book doesn’t falter in its message, and true love prevails over all!

Reviewed in June 2007 by Bonnie.

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