by Beverly Barton

April 2007
ISBN: 978-0-8217-7689-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

In this tale of romance and suspense, a killer will do anything to win the game he calls the ‘The Dying Game’. His victims are former beauty queens and the only clue is a single rose laying beside their bodies. Caught in the middle of this sick game is Lindsay McAllister. As a rookie detective she investigated the murder of Jennifer Walker - wife of the handsome, hot shot lawyer, Judd Walker; now she works for a private detective agency whose whole incentive is to catch the Beauty Queen killer. The MO is always the same but now that stakes are higher - as the killer gets bolder and more ruthless, Lindsay has the task of telling Judd his wife’s murderer has struck again, and to find the killer she is going to need his help.

Judd Walker died the night his wife was found brutally butchered. However over the years and through the tireless search for her killer, one woman’s love begins to bring Judd back to life - that woman is Lindsay. Before he can admit his love to her, he must first admit it to himself. Not an easy task with a madman on the loose. When Lindsay decides the only way to catch a killer is to offer herself as bait, Judd must comes to terms with his feelings - before it’s too late…

The Dying Game is one of the best romantic suspense thrillers I have read this year. From the opening pages I was hooked, and literally could not put it down. The characters are extremely evocative - as the pages progress it becomes important for the reader to find out what happens to Lindsay and Judd. Ms. Barton makes you feel for these characters and you wind up routing for true love. The emotions between Lindsay and Judd come alive on the page, and when they finally do give into their feelings, the scenes are explosively erotic. The storyline itself is packed full of twists and turns- twists which I won’t reveal, you’ll have to read for yourself!

This book made me smile, frown and gasp. What I especially liked was the open ending, paving the way to find out more about one of the central characters, Griffin Powell, in the next book. If you love romantic suspense, take a chance on Beverly Barton’s The Dying Game, you won’t be disappointed!

Reviewed in June 2007 by Donna.

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