by MaryJanice Davidson

November 2002
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Lois Commoner has little in this world to live for, she's an orphan, a police woman with a bad knee that won't quit aching. When we first meet her, she is contemplating swallowing pills to end her misery.

After thinking about her past a bit, remembering her parents and how much she misses her mother, she swallows the pills. At first, she feels like she's floating. She can't remember ever feeling so good before. Warm hands are skimming her body, she supposes checking for injury. And then she opens her eyes and finds that she is lying in a field of some kind and the sky is purple. On top of that, she realizes there is a puma sitting next to her, eyeing her like dinner.

As she watches, the puma transforms to a very well built naked man! After some sarcastic remarks, she finds that she's in another land, the Sandlands, as he calls them. Not sure just what she swallowed or where she is, she agrees to go with him to his castle, as he claims he is Damon, the prince of the Sandlands.

After arriving at his castle and charming the socks off his father, she finds out that there is going to be a fight the next day - and the winner gets to pick his bride. Thinking it sounds like some barbaric ritual from yesteryears, she shrugs it off and continues to learn more about her new residence, even if it is only temporary.

The next day, the fight goes on with her as the guest of honor. She sits awed by the fight, as the men fight naked and worries about them getting hurt though she's not sure why.

After the fight is over, Damon wins and claims her for his bride. That night, she's angered about it, but agrees to stay one more day. And then another day, and then another. .

This is a wonderful story, written by a master storyteller. The funny dialogue and wonderful love scenes make this a very enjoyable read. Don't miss out!

Reviewed in November 2002 by Lucy.

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