by Serena Richards

February 1991
ISBN: 0-425-12548-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

All Isabelle Varens wanted was to be a respectable lady, something that her mother, a second-rate Drury Lane actress, never could claim. However, life dealt Belle a different hand and instead of the lady of quality she had once aspired to be, circumstances have lead to her be a spy, known as the Avenging Angel, during the dangerous French Revolution.

Sinclair Carrington has been sent to work with Belle on her next mission – an assignment so dangerous he cannot believe he agreed to take it. However, Sinclair was obliged to accept the task since he has his own secret mission to fulfill unknown to Belle – to seek out a traitor in Isabelle’s network of spies who is actually working for Napoleon Bonaparte. But despite Sinclair’s attraction and desire for Belle, something he has unsuccessfully fought, she is one of the primary suspects on his list.

In a dangerous game of espionage, where everyone has their own motives and no one can be entirely trusted, Belle and Sinclair are more afraid of losing their hearts then their lives. But no matter how talented they are at spying, they haven’t a chance at this game and love is sure to be the victor in the battle!

Serena Richards does an excellent job of keeping the suspicion on all of the characters – just when you think you’ve got the spy pegged, someone else looks suspicious! Rendezvous kept me turning the pages to see if my guess was correct until the very end.

I have one complaint regarding Rendezvous, petty that it may be. Ms. Richards seemed to overuse the word “scarce” to a great degree. It seemed as though it was used at least once every other page, enough that it got to the point where I wanted to start keeping track – I stopped at 25 when I was a third of the way through. However annoying I may have found that, there is nothing at all wrong with the story line itself. It is full of excitement, danger and passion. I found all of the characters intriguing and well rounded.

Belle and Sinclair are an excellent match. Belle’s past reveals the reasons for her decision to become a spy and it was easy to understand the struggle she felt being torn between the past and love lost to the future and whether or not she could trust enough to love again. Sinclair, although being of noble birth, has his own reasons for not being concerned about Belle’s parentage and it is both believable and realistic. I appreciated that instead of dwelling overly much on the difference in their social status, Ms. Richards set the focus instead on the struggle of their hearts and their intelligence mission.

If you enjoy a fast-paced, adventure packed novel with likable characters and a great plot, don’t let Rendezvous pass you by!

Reviewed in November 2002 by Nicole.

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