by Anthology

October 2002
ISBN: 1-98360-241-5
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As the title suggests, these two stories are about dark desires. The kind of desires that make you shiver and pull the covers tight up around your ears. Kate Hill’s elegant tale of love, lust and vampires is crafted with all the delicacy of a Watteau painting, while Sherri King takes us into the wild and forbidden realm of overlapping interdimensional fantasy.

Marriage in Moonlust is Kate Hill’s exploration of vampires, their lusts, and their needs. An experienced writer in this genre, Ms. Hill has already achieved success with her straight vampire tales, and now turns her pen to the erotically charged arena of sex and desire amongst the ancient ones. Left to the savage pleasures of Kornel Debray, Leona considers herself as good as dead. Kornel has been brutally exploiting those who live on his estates and Leona is the latest in a line of offerings to appease his lusts. Surprisingly, her life is saved by the Lord of Debray who returns in the nick of time. Leona finds a safe haven in the arms of Narcisse, eldest of the Debrays. She also finds, to her surprise, that passion can overcome prejudice, and love truly can conquer the worst evil. It’s a morality tale, a sensual romance and an erotic vignette, made slightly wicked by the glow of the moon on fresh blood.

Icarus, by Sherri L. King, approaches the business of vampirism from a totally different perspective. Her heroine, a thoroughly modern woman fleeing a life of superficiality, comes “home” to Scotland. Morrigan has been plagued with frighteningly realistic dreams and has fled to a small Scottish village to escape them. Unfortunately, she is to learn that she cannot escape her heart no matter where she runs to. Her dreams cross the line between fantasy and reality and her terror is palpable as she realizes she is manifesting signs of things that happened in her dreams. We are chilled along with her. But it is only Morrigan’s practicality that is in the way here, for beneath her panic lies passion and a ravenous desire for the being who haunts her.

Both these tales have moments of ecstasy and moments of terror and both are riveting reads! They are definitely on the darker side of the genre, a place where blood is a necessary part of erotic play, and issues of surrender and trust step up to center stage along with the fulfillment of physical yearnings. Both heroines learn the value of a pint or two of their favorite brews... warm hero! A fun read, as hot as the lusts that run throughout. I note that I was lucky enough to read this book on Halloween.... occasionally the timing of things can be just perfect!!!

Reviewed in November 2002 by Celia.

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