by Katherine Deauxville

September 2002
ISBN: 0-505-52497-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

What a wonderful plot idea! Take one man who has lived most of his life amongst primitive New Guinea natives. Bring him to America on a book tour and place him into the uptight hands of a Washington insider, Leslie Wimberly, who just happens to be a mess of seething emotions, divorced, attractive, and very easily impressed by the strong and mostly naked loins of her protege.

We can pretty much sit back and watch the fireworks erupt in this quite funny tale of love, longing, honesty and lost illusions. Dr. Peter Havistock is a brilliant man, and has a best seller on his hands that he is out to promote. A few lectures including native costumes, as modeled by the extraordinarily handsome Dr. Havistock, and the groupies are flocking like locusts, intent on stripping him of his mini-codpiece.

Leslie Wimberly is not unaffected. Unfortunately, I found Leslie to be the weak link in this delightful tale. Where I wanted her to kick some bitch butt, she smiled. Where I would have shredded pretensions, she buckled. Where I would have tossed back a drink, she ran to her ex-husband for more bad advice. If you divorce a guy who promptly marries a trophy wife, you have to figure his decision making capabilities arenít his strong suit. So why keep running back to him? It was the one point that kept me from giving this book a perfect score, because everyone else is just ideal. Peter is handsome, strong, an attractive combination of worldliness and naivete, and sexy as hell. Other characters, clearly drawn from any Washington DC political get-together, are word perfect.

A brief trip into the confusing world of big business and environmental concerns barely deflects our attention away from Peter and Leslie, and though necessary, doesnít really matter Ė itís the lovers that steal the show.

A fun read, this book opens some new doors for romances, ones that allow laughter to become firmly part of the deal, and ingenious and well-thought-out plot lines to drive the characters within the story. Definitely recommended for those who like to close a book with a smile.

Reviewed in November 2002 by Celia.

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